Saturday, January 29, 2011

Awww~Finally i got my colour lens<3 I <3 it very much..:D:D
CNY coming soon.. 1week school holidays,but,it not enough for me all ..
After CNY,school will have a small test..OMG!!!wat the SUCK school..i hate it!!

Sometimes,I <3 to sit together with my friends and make joke..:))
i Miss the moment that we spent together:))

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Im here to update my blog:))

School have been started around 2 weeks,and I was getting busy and BUSY~!!
Add Math ,Chemistry ,Biology ,Pysics and more are saying HELLO with me..OHNO!!!
I hate physics teacher for sure..keep copy and copy~!!And I nt vry understand what was she teaching=.=


The sadness things for me is..I have to tuition everyday..EVEN SUNDAY I ALSO HAVE TO TUITION!!!!!!!TELL ME WHY!!!!
11SUBJECT!!!!I cant handle it as well?I hope so..GOD BLESS ME!!!

Good Luck In My Study!!:))

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Long time never update my blog lehh,because my dear Streamyx has been cut..
Time flies, 2010 has left us, now is the time to meet 2011
Went dinner with my dear friend--Weiyee
We chat alot about SOMEONE!!Hahas..!!You know I know ..They duno?HAHA
Ohya,Miin Miin..WeiYee saw you as ur sister--SengJiin..AHAHHA!!!She blind?Or u two look too alike?XD
After that,we got our own program:))
Countdown ..Countdown and Countdown..hehes
Although it is a simple countdown, but for me was very memorable
Oops..!! School reopen tomorrow?Im going to start my form4's life? What kind of life that would be??Not dare to imagine..!!
Either way is good, it is time to seriously study..
LetS FIGHT For IT!!!

HAPPY New Year 2011 To All Of You..
All The Best In The Future..<3